Business law, civil law and fiduciary services


The emphasis of our long-standing practice is on business law and general civil law. We focus on current and future needs of our clients, be it in the form of legal relations, avoiding legal conflicts or their settlement. In doing so, we act on behalf of our clients in negotiations, before national and international arbitral tribunals as well as in proceedings before the ordinary court of law.

Our primary aim is to carefully and timely implement the solution developed jointly with our clients. If necessary, we resort to a select network of external specialists. We are able to satisfy the demands of our clientele thanks to an experienced and professional team in all walks.

Areas of practice

  • Contracts, Commercial and Corporate Law

    We advise and represent our clients in all national and international contract law matters. Hence we provide support in the choice of the proper legal form and legal structure of your corporate activities. This includes, e.g. relocations to Switzerland, the establishment, organisation and management of companies in Switzerland, settling issues of succession or restructuring companies.

    In addition, we have wide-ranging experience in the acquisition and sale of companies and parts of companies, as well as in mergers and divestments.

  • Employment law, work and residence permits

    We advise and represent our clients in all areas of employment law, including obtaining Swiss work and residence permits for non-domestic employees. Furthermore, we also support our clients with respect to the drawing up of employee participation programmes in their companies.

    We also handle residence permit applications for non-Swiss nationals who are not engaged in employment in Switzerland.

  • Intellectual Property and Competition Law

    We have wide-ranging experience in the field of intellectual property and competition law, and support our clients in questions of copyright and trademark law as well as in the field of know-how protection, including the assignment and licensing of the respective proprietary rights, in particular in the software field. We work together with external specialists in matters concerning patent law and antitrust law.

  • Enforcement, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

    We have long-standing practical experience in the field of national and in particular international enforcement and represent our national and international clients in matters pertaining to restructuring and bankruptcy liquidation proceedings. We also negotiate inheritance agreements and provide clients with effective support in matters pertaining to the safeguarding and recovery of assets.

  • Civil Law, Inheritance Law and Estate Planning

    We have extensive experience in all aspects of inheritance law. We advise and represent family-owned companies and individual business owners in estate planning matters, also as far as tax considerations are concerned. This also includes the drawing up of marriage and inheritance agreements as well as of testaments. In addition, we also provide executorship services.

    Besides supporting and advising our clients in connection with consensual or contentious civil law proceedings, we also represent and advise clients in all other areas of civil law.

  • Real Estate, Immovable Property and Tenancy Law

    We advise and represent our clients in all questions concerning property law. Our expertise includes real estate purchase contracts, consultancy regarding construction contracts and contracts for works, contaminated site and environmental law as well as support in the establishment, organisation and management of condominium property.

  • Taxes, Tax Proceedings and Tax Planning

    We advise and represent our clients in tax matters, in particular within the framework of corporate relocations to Switzerland, in tax assessment proceedings, in criminal proceedings involving fiscal offences as well as with respect to tax planning. Furthermore, we have long-standing experience in the field of value added tax, in particular within the framework of reimbursement proceedings for non-domestic companies as well as in the field of fiscal representation.

  • Sports Law

    As an interdisciplinary field, sports law, bearing on aspects of contract law, liability law, corporate law, association law, tax law, employment law and other legal areas, fits in perfectly with our professional profile. In addition, we have long-standing and relevant experience in matters relating to sports law and are thoroughly committed to advise and represent our clients comprehensively in all matters pertaining to sports law.

  • Fiduciary Services

    We render general fiduciary services for our clients, such as accountancy functions and tax advice. Thus we are able to provide our clients with a full, one-stop range of services, in particular within the framework of relocations and company foundations. For non-domestic corporations, in particular, we also exercise control functions with respect to their Swiss companies.